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Tambero.com Cattle Software

  • A revolution cattle management.

    tambero.com is the first web based professional software for dairy cattle and beef cattle, created as the result of collaboration between professionals in technological innovation solutions along with specialists and farmers.

  • All the animals in one place.

    The tambero.com dairy farm software includes a complete animal database support, with different species of dairy livestock such as cows, goats, buffalos, sheeps, camels and llamas.

  • Ease to use cattle software on all platforms.

    tambero.com is the only management system for cattle and agriculture that works in all major web browsers with Windows, Mac OS / X, Linux, iPhone, Windows Phone, WP8, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, Firefox OS, iPad and Android. Load your data and access your information from any mobile device or desktop computer without downloading anything. See the details of your animals directly from the field. You only need to access this web site in order to use the software.

  • Always up to date.

    Each update is done automatically without you needing to touch or change anything, and without additional costs. They are absolutely free.

    Revolutionary technology for your cattle!

Special Mention in ArgenINTA Fundation Awards 2012

Mención Especial Premio ArgenINTA 2012

About Tambero.com project

Tambero.com is a global technology project carried out by technicians from the main dairy area of Argentina.

By providing a completely free tool we are helping farmers around the globe, even in unthinkable and isolated places, where they have for the first time access to leading edge technology to improve their production yields.

From the Ecuadorian Andes to the plains of India, Tambero.com is used by farmers in more than 140 countries.

This is the real advantage of free internet services.

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